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Safe, secure, reliable information and technology is the responsibility of all internet participants.

Appropriate, secure, compliant, auditable, and sustainable systems and communications provide the platform for progress.

Efficient solutions address risks, constraints, obligations, and opportunities in harmony with strategies, resources, and goals.

We can help.

CHL Global Associates is proud to be affiliated with the TechPar Group

CHL Global Associates publishes professional guidance for technology professionals, auditors, executives, and governance.  This guidance addresses technology issues in the light of business concerns, global viewpoints, social and economic issues, and ethics.

  • "Software Security Assurance - A Framework for Security Vulnerability Management and Audit."  For a copy of this free guide, see our Resources page or contact us at the email address below.
CHL is also an author for LexisNexis, authoring:
  • Handbook for Internal Auditors,
  • Bank Internal Control Manual, and
  • Bank Holding Company Compliance Manual
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